25 de Agosto de 2020

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The Summits of the Americas Secretariat of the Organization of American States recognizes the important role that civil society and social actors play in the activities supporting the prevention and the fight against corruption during the COVID-19 pandemic and welcomes all actors of the Summits Process to the Program: Adopting a Digital Mindset to fight Covid19-Corruption.

This program is part of the efforts of the Summits Secretariat oriented to strengthen the ability of civil society and social actors to use digital technology to create and implement new initiatives oriented to prevent and combat corruption aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, the initiatives will focus on the following thematic areas:
1. Access to Information
2. Protection of whistleblowers and informants in the public sector
3. Monitoring and accountability of emergency funds to mitigate COVID-19

The Program

During the month of September we will be offering 500 spaces to participate of the Program “Adopting a Digital Mindset”, offered by the Summits Secretariat in collaboration with Laboratoria. This experience will allow you to learn basic innovation concepts that will help you create a digital initiative that can contribute to prevent and combat corruption generated or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program has two phases:

On October 13th registration will close for the first phase of the program and for the submission of ideas. On October 23th, the top initiatives from the first phase will be announced. Then, these will move into the second phase; a 3 months long acceleration process.

Who can participate?

Civil society organizations and/or social actors that have an idea that contributes to preventing and combating the corruption derived by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Why should you participate?

Because you may have an idea that can assist in the prevention and the fight against corruption during the COVID-19 pandemic and needs help to implement this.

How can you apply?
  1. Define an idea you would like to explore and share..
  2. Check the syllabus for Phase 1 and 2 of the Program.
  3. Organize your time. You will need 6 hours of online work and 4 hours of remote work (real time).
What is the criterion to pass to the Acceleration phase?

The selection will be defined by a panel of experts composed by the Summits of the Americas Secretariat of and Laboratoria. The criteria of evaluation will be: the potential impact, added value and feasibility to carry out the initiative.

digital mindset es

Phase 1

Adopting a Digital Mindset

This phase will let you align basic concepts to browse and develop initiatives in the digital era. This experience will strengthen your capability for structuring ideas under the criteria of “Human Centered Design” and “Lean Startup”.


10 hours (6 hours online and 1.5 remote/real time)

What does this experience give you?
  • Learn the challenges and opportunities of the new digital era, as well as the role that you can portray by discovering and sharing your talent in this context.
  • Discover the importance of self-knowledge and continuous learning to understand the new skills that are needed in this era.
  • Work with frameworks that let you identify your audience's needs and find proposals that present solutions to generate value.
  • Understand how to use experimentation and agility to develop initiatives based on continuous improvement and optimization of your resources.
  • Access to additional learning resources to continue growing after the program.


Introduction to “Aprende” the online platform – Online (40 min)

You will discover how is the learning process designed by Laboratoria and which are the most important skills to face the new digital era in a highly uncertain context.

Self-knowledge and Growth Mindset – Online (60 min)

You will get to know how important self-knowledge is to growth and enhance your profile in any area. In addition, you will learn more about Growth Mindset that will let you develop and increase your skills continuously.

Take ownership of your learning – Online (20 min)

We will strengthen your ability to be a lifelong learner. We will share references that will allow you to appropriate your learning to apply this to your personal and professional life.

Introduction to Digital Mindset - Online (10 min)

We will share the learning objectives of the course, its structure and the profile of the facilitators who will accompany you throughout this journey.

Transformation in the digital era - Online (30 min)

You will discover the main concepts that will allow you to better understand the challenges and opportunities of the Digital era in order to strengthen the components that will give your initiatives a better probability to succeed.

How can we constantly experiment? – Online (30 min)

Get to know the concepts that will allow you to turn an idea into an experiment and thus achieve continuous improvement in your initiative. In addition, we will share examples of how others are doing in their projects.

Live an Agile culture - Online (20 min)

Get to know what agility is and how to adapt yourself to work on it. Additionally, you will find basic information about agile ceremonies that you can perform in your day to day.

Experiment (practical case) - Online (60 min)

You will test your new acquired knowledge by landing a hypothesis of the initiative you want to carry out. The top ideas with the greatest potential in terms of added value and feasibility, will be chosen to move forward to the acceleration phase of this program.

Closing Workshop - Remote (real time) (120 min)

We will share the reflections that the whole learning experience has given us. We will also have an experimentation panel from which the owners of the chosen ideas could share their results, experiences and recommendations.

Mentoring - Remote (real time) (70 min)

The participants from the selected idea will have two 30 minutes session mentoring within 2 weeks to carry out their idea and test it "out of the building", which means, in a real environment.

digital mindset es

Phase 2


The initiatives with the greatest potential from Phase 1: Adopting a #DigitalMindset will get into this phase. This experience will end here after 3 months..

During this experience, we will help you to expose your idea through the development of a work culture to learn and improve continuously. The objective will be to strengthen your initiative with knowledge, resources and alliances to implement it, generating a broad impact on the prevention and fight against corruption.


3 months of work that includes:

  • 2 hours of online content
  • 3 remote workshops (6.5 hours)
  • 8 weekly 30 minute mentoring session

What does this experience give you?

  • A virtual work process that allows you to develop and implement an initiative that can be replicated at the national or regional level to prevent and fight corruption.
  • Development of personal skills that will enhance the collaborative work that your initiative needs with your team or external actors, such as international organizations.
  • Developing an agile work culture to continuously improve your idea.


Introduction to the acceleration process and learning model - Online (60 min)

A remote instance to welcome you to the program, get to know the facilitators and students, and to express the program expectations.

Introductory Session - Remote(30 min)

We will listen to the participantsī expectations.
Presentation of the tools we will use during the acceleration phase.

Team Manifest & Development - Online (60 min)

We will define the cultural values and the model-based manifest methodology that our team will be using.

Building the hypothesis to be tested - Remote (180 min)

Give a structure to the Lean Startup cycle and identify the first problem to solve, with a user-centered approach. Define a casualty hypothesis, choosing metrics that matters.

Experiment building - Remote (180 min)

Designing and building the Minimum Viable Product. We will define a user flow and the tasks each participants must develop.

Mentorings - Remote / Online (30 min)

Beginning of mentorings with teams for 8 weeks.