Strengthening the Participation of Women's Organizations in the Summits Process

The Summits Secretariat, with the support of Canada, is implementing a project aimed at increasing and improving the participation of women's organizations in the Summits of the Americas Process, particularly in the preparation and follow-up to the IX Summit. This project seeks to enrich the preparation of the hemispheric agenda by taking into account the diversity of concerns, priorities and interests of women of the Americas, as well as contributing to improve the participation of women's organizations in policy formulation at the national and hemispheric levels.


Campaign #WeAreWomenLeaders

With the objective of further strengthening the participation of women's organizations in the Summits Process, the Summits Secretariat presents #WeAreWomenLeaders.

A space that highlights the work and leadership of women representing the main actors involved in the Summits Process: governments, regional and international organizations and civil society.

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Women's Organizations’ Recommendations Report

Access the report of recommendations on the thematic pillars of the IX Summit issued by women's organizations in the framework of the thematic consultations held in March 2022, during the preparatory phase of the IX Summit, and subsequently presented at the Hemispheric Dialogue with Government Representatives in May 2022.

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Vital Viewpoints for Women

The Summits Secretariat and the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) present "Vital Viewpoints for Women", A space for reflection on the thematic pillars of the IX Summit with women activists, academics, politicians and leaders from a gender perspective and with an intersectional approach.

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What is the Summits of the Americas Process?

In this video we briefly explain what the Summits of the Americas Process is and its participation mechanisms.

Participate in the Summits Process

We invite women's organizations to register and participate in the Summits Process. An opportunity to contribute and influence the formation of the hemispheric agenda from a gender and women's rights perspective.


Message from Maria Celina Conte, Director of the Summits Secretariat

Director Conte expresses her gratitude to the civil society organizations and social actors for their participation in the IX Summit Process. Let's continue to contribute to the progress of the region in the follow-up and implementation of the adopted mandates!

Activities carried out

Thematic Discussion: Gender Equality and Democracy in the 21st Century

Watch the thematic discussion on Gender Equality and Democracy in the 21st Century during the Civil Society Forum of the IX Summit of the Americas.

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