Preparatory Phase

In preparation for the IX Summit of the Americas, spaces were provided so that civil society organizations and social actors could present their priorities and concerns at the national and regional levels, receive training, address the thematic pillars of the IX Summit, formulate recommendations and present them to government representatives in the framework of the negotiations prior to the IX Summit, among others.

Thematic subregional Working Groups

During the preparatory phase, 15 thematic subregional working groups were formed to facilitate a dialogue aimed at formulating recommendations on the five themes that would then be presented, by spokespersons, to government representatives during the negotiation of the Summit's political commitments.

Guidelines for participation in the thematic subregional working groups:
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List of participants by thematic group:

Our Green Future Health and Resilience Digital Transformation Democratic Governance Clean Energy

Hemispheric Dialogue

In May 2022, spokespersons of the 15 thematic subregional working groups presented civil society contributions to the countries participating in the Summit Process during the negotiation phase of the IX Summit within the framework of the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG).

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Testimonials on the Hemispheric Dialogue

We invite you to know the opinions of some of the social actors who participated in the Hemispheric Dialogue.

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Other activities carried out

María Celina Conte, Director of the Summits Secretariat

María Celina Conte, Director of the Summits Secretariat, welcomes and invites representatives of Civil Society and Social Actors to participate in the IX Summit Process. Let's work together for a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for the Americas!

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