Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG)

The Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG), is the core management body of the Summits Process and is comprised of government officials of the countries of the hemisphere, which are represented in the SIRG by their appointed National Coordinators.

The SIRG was created in 1995 and is led by the Chair of the Summits of the Americas Process.

SIRG Ministerial Meeting. Washington, D.C., United States, June 2023.

The SIRG meets an average of three times a year and holds at least one meeting at the ministerial level. The SIRG is responsible for reporting annually to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the progress made in fulfilling Summit mandates. This information is reviewed by the Ministers at the regular session of the OAS General Assembly.

Following the Quebec Summit in 2001, the SIRG and the Executive Council were entrusted with the responsibility of following up on Summit mandates with the support of the OAS Office for Summit Follow-up, which later became the Summits of the Americas Secretariat.

The SIRG has two advisory bodies:

  1. The Executive Council contributes to strengthening the inclusive and hemispheric nature of the Summits of the Americas Process and is composed of the Steering Committee and a representative of the different sub-regions, namely North America, CARICOM countries, the Andean Community, Central America and the Rio Group.
  2. The Steering Committee is composed of host countries from previous and future Summits. Its role is to assist the current Chair in preparing SIRG meetings, as well as to assist in the preparations for future Summits.